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Simplify your work with SAP ERP and customize it to your needs

We have developed several custom solutions, which make work even with such a complex ERP easy & comfortable. We've got advice and guidance, we have a simple solution of advance payments and online services that let you simply check your business partners. Everything is tailored to the Czech environment.

Solution Book

No trial and error procedure. We exactly know what adaptations to SAP systems are most useful for you. We help our clients for many years, and individual customization tailored to the Czech environment because we know it perfectly.

Have a look at our Solution Book, explore the most commonly customized areas and related information. The implementation and adjustment in your SAP system will be taken care by us. The following issues are the most customized ones:

Automatic download and retrieve Exchange Rates from the Czech National Bank

VAT Declaration and VAT Returns

Online Services



International Accounting Standards

Automatic Intercompany Posting (between Company Codes)

Mass Automatic Posting

EDI Cockpit

Down Payments


Electronic Signature

...and many other areas including overviews, reports and outputs. Simplify your SAP system and take advantage of our rich Solution Book.

Down Payments

Are rules for working with down payments in SAP ERP too strict? Our solutions help you with down payments. It is an independent solution of specific sales processes and based on the needs and requirements of our customers.

Our solutions will give you more options to work with down payments. You can:

  • Assign down payment to any SD document
  • Issue a down payment directly by posting payment in the Financial module
  • Use a down payment as a settlement document with deduction of advances

The system automatically watches the existence of advances paid partly in the customer's balance when the settlement document is created.

The Down Payments solution can for example:

  • Check the correct settings of amounts by comparing to the invoiced items
  • Automatically apply down payments in the background
  • Work in different currencies and their conversion (one process = one currency)
  • Automatically use down payments from the previous period and a change in the VAT rate
  • Prepare one posting document for invoice and payment deductions

Personalize your work by down payments in SAP

Take advantage of a specialized solution developed specifically according to the needs of Czech customers and work more effectively by down payments. Contact us and let us introduce you down payments personally.

Down Payments

B2B eCommerce System

You increase partner and dealer sales to a higher level when you transfer them into an online environment with secure access. You can simplify and make the buying process more pleasant with basic functions as a an actual warehouse states, bulk ordering, documents overview etc.

B2B system is tailored to the type of partner sales, which has a lot of relevant rules. There is an overview of the key features of B2B e-commerce online system:

  • User friendly interface - intuitive control in Windows 8 style - Metro design. 
  • Search suggest - fulltext search across all parameters and data - root, goods, machinery manufacturers, documents...
  • Tailored ordering process - individual steps of the ordering process can be customized according to your needs and business processes.
  • Dealer center - a center for salesmen, where they control all their customers and their business, and which is also available on mobile phone or tablet.
  • SAP integration - B2B e-commerce system supports online, offline, partial and full synchronization with your SAP ERP. The data are encrypted on both sides and a full synchronization takes place within a few minutes.
  • Speed of the system responses - thanks to a unique technology unparalleled speed of an online system is achieved which contributes to greater user comfort while you are working in.
  • Responsive and mobile design - customers can see everything perfectly and comfortably on all devices (PC, tablet and mobile).klienti uvidí vše pohodlně a bezchybně na PC, tabletu i mobilu.
  • User section - invoices, orders, tracking of orders states, shipment movements, bonus points account balance, ... it's all clearly together in one place.

 B2B e-commerce system is optimized for the demanding needs of B2B customers.

B2B eCommerce System

Online Services

Get timely overview of your clients and suppliers. Thanks to online services you know if your business partners are safe, whether they pay VAT properly or if they are insolvent.

In our solution you can find the following online services:

  • Unreliable Payer - a module for communication with the registration of unreliable payers and records of the approved accounts will tell you, whether you can really rely on the payment morale of the client.
  • Insolvency Register - by means of automated interconnection of SAP ERP and the Insolvency register you can easily find out if your client has no financial problems.
  • VIES Verification -  VIES electronic system will give you information about registering your business partner for VAT in EU mamber states. The verification will help you to avoid to pay VAT for him.
  • ARES - thanks to the connection with the ARES database (database of Ministry of Finance) you do not have to write manually the basic company information about the client to the system. Just enter the ID and the rest of the information will be downloaded by the SAP ERP directly from the ARES register. And you can be sure that the information is completely accurate.
  • Creditcheck - quick verification of the credibility of individual companies. You can get the necessary information with just a few clicks. You can get a basic traffic light, or if you want a deeper analysis of your business partner you can go through to the analysis via weblink.
  • The List of VAT SK taxpayers and a List of canceled VAT SK registrations - a simple way how to check if your business partner has a valid VAT registration in Slovakia.
  • Business Journal - by connecting with an electronic version of the Business Journal you quickly get a lot of information about your business partners, including financial statements, changes in the commercial register or bankruptcies.

Online services wil give you all the necessary information about your business partner in time. You can trade with companies without worries about their tax or financial problems.

Let SAP check your business partners 

Extend your SAP system by smart online services and prevent potential problems. Contact us and let us introduce you online services personally.

Online Services

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